Garage Door Not Closing All the Way in Peccole Ranch, NV; Blocked, Safety Sensor & More

You rely on your garage door to open and close when you need it to. If you find that your door doesn’t seem to finish closing, stops halfway and goes back up or just stops halfway, there are a few reasons it might be happening. Some can be taken care of by you, while others will need a call to the professionals.

Troubleshooting Why Garage Door Won’t Close

1. Garage door is blocked. It’s impossible for your door to close all the way if something is blocking it from doing so. Look for items that might be preventing your door from closing and move them. If the issue is obvious then take care of it, don’t overlook it.
2. Safety sensor issue. The safety sensors of your garage door are very important. They are located at the bottom of the door, about an inch above the ground and will prevent the door from closing if they can’t send a signal to each other. If one or both of them aren’t getting enough power and/or not sending a signal, the door will not close and become a safety issue. If nothing is blocking the senores and they still don’t work, they can be replaced with new ones.
3. Sensor misalignment. If the sensors are getting power and sending a signal, then they may be misaligned. These sensors can get bumped and will not be able to communicate with each other. If the light on them is blinking, they aren’t in alignment and is an easy fix.
4. Broken garage door springs. Your garage door functions with springs. There are torsion springs above along with another set of springs. If any of these springs become damaged or break, the door can’t work correctly. This can cause balancing issues that will stop the door from closing. You will be able to see if any of the springs need repair or replacement.
5. Damaged garage door cables. Your garage door also works by using cables to lower the door. When these cables wear out or become damaged, it can be difficult for them to lower the garage door. Fayed cabled can also hinder the way the door functions as they can become caught on the system. This damage can be harder to detect.
6. Garage door movement limits. Garage doors are programmed with a distance setting, that tells the door how far to close. When the setting is too low, the door will ‘believe” its hit an object when it’s actually hit the floor. A setting that is too high will cause the door to stop short.
7. Damaged garage door tracks. The tracks on the garage door are responsible for moving the door. If the tracks are bent, warped or danged in anyway, it will affect how the door functions. Tracks can be replaced if needed.

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It can be annoying when your garage door starts to act up and problems shouldn’t be ignored. Garage door issues can be dangerous to fix on your own. The safest step to take is to contact the professionals at Vegas Valley Garage Door Repair to determine what’s going on and fix it.

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