Parts Needing Garage Door Lubricant in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Hinges, Rollers, Springs & More

When you buy a new car you know you will need to continue to maintain it in order for it to work and last. This consists of changing the oil, adding gas and giving it tune ups when needed. If you choose to not do that you will see that your vehicle will stop working and you will be stuck purchasing a new one. Doing maintenance on an item that moves and works is a great way to get the most out of it. The largest moving part on your home happens to be the garage door. This is a part of the house that is used to cover your garage and so that you can park in it and secure the space. Many people will also use the garage to store things that they are not needing for some time. You want to be able to pull up to the garage and with the click of a button open the large door so you can get in. If you do not take care of the garage door and the motor it can break down. One aspect of caring for the garage door is to lubricate the moving parts.

Vegas Valley Garage Door Repair Lists the Parts of a Garage Door that Needs Lubricant

Garage Door Hinges: When it comes to using lubricant on your garage door you need to take care of any part that moves. The first area that you want to make sure is taken care of is the hinges. The hinges are going to be used in several areas of the door. Each panel is a separate piece and they are held together with a hinge. That means that in between each hinge you will see around three hinges along the way. All of them need to be able to move smoothly and that is why you want to make sure that you add lubricant to them. This will help to also keep dirt and grime away so they do not become damaged. If you are adding lubricant and you notice there are damaged hinges you want to make sure they are repaired right away.
Garage Door Rollers: The next part you want to make sure is taken care of is the rollers. These are the part of the door that will move up and down the channels so that the door is able to open and close. The rollers are made out of metal as well as rubber. They are able to spin so that you get a nice smooth movement out of the door. These moving parts should be lubricated and checked for damage.
Garage Door Springs & Bearing Plates: Be sure that you also look at the springs. They are used to cause the tension that you need to get the door up and down. They are metal and need to be cared for so that they are not damaged from water and moisture. The spring can be lubricated to keep them from stretching out and being able to coil smoothly. The bearing plates are the moving circular parts on both sides of the garage door springs.

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Other parts of your garage door that require lubricant include the Lock and Armbar, and the Top of the Rail. Vegas Valley Garage Door Repair can come out to your home and complete a preventive maintenance tune up as well as any repairs to your garage door that may be needed. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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