Troubleshooting Garage Doors in Summerlin, NV; Repair of Springs, Replacement of Panels & More

The garage door is comprised of primary electrical and mechanical parts and components that allows it to function frequently on a daily basis. Though the garage door is sturdy and dependable, normal wear will still require repairs. With professional services such as maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections, you can minimize and avoid some repairs, but the wear can not be completely prevented. Knowing the major parts and the common issues can give you the upper hand when calling a professional for help. Today, we at Vegas Valley Garage Door Repair would like to list some of the common garage door components and their common problems.

How to Fix Garage Door Spring, Panel, Cable & Other Malfunctioning Parts

Replacement of Garage Door Panels & Sections: Sections of the garage door or panels are typically damaged due to forceful impact. From children playing ball or rough housing, or a little too much power accelerating or backing up with the vehicle, when the panels are damaged, they will need to be replaced.
Lubricating Garage Door Hinges: The hinges connect the sections of the door together, this allows the door to flex and move. Eventually, the hinges require lube because if they dry out, the hinges can break and crack; creating additional problems.
Repair of Garage Door Springs: The torsion springs above your door help lift the very heavy garage door and these springs are designed with incredible tension. Over time, springs will stretch and become dangerous and make the garage door insufficient to open. It is crucial you do not do the replacement yourself, if done incorrectly you can cause severe injury or property damage. Professionals have specialized tools and training to get this repair done safely and efficiently.
Inspection of Garage Door Tracks: Serving as a guide for the door to travel up and down, there are tracks on either side of door and leading up to the garage ceiling. The tracks require lube from time to time for smooth operation, and they are prone to dirt and debris and animal nests, so they will need to be inspected and cleaned in addition to the potential bending and crinkling; if they are damaged, they will need replacing.
Installation of Garage Door Weather Seals: The rubber seal is the weather stripping that cushions the garage door when it closes and keeps the pests, weather and debris out of your garage door. Eventually, the weather stripping will crack, dry and become brittle. When it is damaged, it will need to be replaced.
Diagnosing Garage Door Opener Problems: Garage door openers have come a long way over the years. They can be interconnected to the WIFI and be monitored and controlled through your smart-phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and other such devices and as they have become more high-tech, their features get more involved. With so much electronic aspects, with failure, worn wiring, and other issues, you will need an expert to run diagnostics to determine the issues.
Realignment of Garage Door Sensors: There are safety sensors on either side of the garage door that communicate with the garage door opener. One of the sensors emits the laser where the other receives it. The garage door will close, and in the event something blocks the line of the laser so that it can’t reach the receiving sensor, most garage doors will retract. If it does so without cause, a realignment may be needed

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